Alright, over the past couple years I’ve been taking classes towards a game and simulation programming degree at DeVry University. I usually take 4 classes or so a year, its free, so I do it for fun. One of the things in this c# class they’re going on and on about is class composition and aggregation. Good things to know, but buzzwords none the less. Thats the problem I find with most programming classes, full of buzzwords and stuff you dont hear in everyday usage..

So composition is where Class A contains class b.. A car contains an engine. An engine could exist on its own, but its not overly useful by itself.

Aggregation is similiar, and its also a case of Class A may contain class b. Cars may have passengers, but arent required. Passengers come and go, and are useful on their own.

Knowing the definition, we know we use these concepts on a normal basis in programming, but honestly how many people actually refer to it as class composition and aggregation? In all my years programming and learning, I’ve never even heard the terms before this class.

Just some food for thought.. How many of you actually use or hear about those terms regularly in your programming? Anonymous comments are on so feel free to comment and leave a response to that inquiry…