Well, I dug back in last night and looked at my sound class, compared it to the basic sound class from the spacewar project and dumped mine.. I’ve replaced the class with that one, and I like how it handles everything. I dont have any real ‘music’ that plays during the game (although I might later), but for sound itself, I was able to get it all implemented WITHOUT the slowdown I was experiencing previously.

Im still getting a lot of stutter, it’ll pause then the cars will jump ahead. Happens in debug and release. I dont know whats causing that, but it probably wouldnt hurt me to go through my code and clean it up a lot. Nothing I’ve got in there should account for those slowdowns, but hey, you never know. it could be my gamepad code. Its cause jerkiness on another machine with xp.. which is odd, cuz its code borrowed from ziggy if i remember right and its using direct input..

Ah well. Now that the sound is there, Im probbly going to rip out windows gamepad support and test that to see if its causing the slowdown or not. THen on to the timers, and powerups!

Im hoping to get the gamepad code removed tonight or tomorrow, so I should have some results in the next 24 hours or so.

Food for thought. all of my images are png files with transparent backgrounds.. never really looked at the size of em..