Well, this past week has seen the pc go from XP to Vista. Got all the vis studio stuff reinstalled and loaded the Toadder code to test.. For those that dont recall, last time I played with it, I was good for 10-15 seconds then there was some extraordinary slowdown, to the point where one frame took 15+ seconds to render..

Now this is a completely 2d game.. there should be NOTHING that would slow it down like that, especially since I hadn’t made any changes to the code since it had last run.. So on a clean install of Vista, I tried it again last night.. Well, it lasted about 30 seconds then the slowdown hit..

Im going to dig into the code a bit this afternoon and see if I can figure it out.. The only thing I can think of that has been added recently (that didnt cause problems before) is the sound routines.. So Im thinking I may strip out the sound and test it when I get home and see how it works. Worst case, I redesign my sound.. Sound is one of those things that the tutorials out there touch on, but there is so little detail on.. =(