Well, as I said I was going to dive into the code for Toadder to see what was causing my slowdown. I hadn’t implemented the level timer yet, so I knew that wasnt it. So I just commented out all of the audio PLAY routines.. Soundless, the game runs perfect. With audio, I drop to 10-15 seconds PER FRAME.. Any clues, lemme know.. =( Contact form works now too! Thought!

The sound effects themselves seem to be whats causing my troubles, and it could be because I have a repitive sound effect (the hopping sound) that uses the same cue over and over.. But..

What if I created a list of CUE’s, and anytime I needed a new sound to play, just add the CUE to the list, play it and go.. Then every update or three, cycle through the list, clear out the ones that arent playing anymore and leave those that are.. That way I’m not using the same CUE over and over.. who knows, maybe I’ll give it some thought and code it up in the next day or two and give it a test run..

But for now, its off to WoW.. Need to relax…