Alright, I finally got my ambient sounds, the traffic and flowing water, added to my xact project and worked into the code. The volume auto adjusts as the player moves away from the road and closer to the river, and vice versa. I do need to go back and change the curve on the volume controls a bit, but no biggee. I also got the honking sounds added in, if your on the road, the cars are gonna honk..

I also realized I have a little more work than I thought. I mean, right now, at least level 1 is 100% playable. The rest of the levels would be too as soon as I build em in, but umm, I forgot one thing.. I never added in the crocs yet, or the snake (easy as pie), and I havent added in turtles that can submerge.. Whoops! Im going to get the new spritefont put into the game here in the next couple days, then I’ll work on the flies on the pads for bonus points, the female frog on the log, the snake and then the submerging turtles in that order.

My original plan was to actually have different styles of levels with different backgrounds, some levels all road, etc.. Its pretty much built this way already to allow me to do this, but I need to get the artwork for the backgrounds done so I CAN do this. The other factor here is these levels will be hardcoded, so I have to figure out how to progress difficulty and have enough levels for everyone.

This is my FIRST project in c# and XNA, and honestly this will only be my 2nd “finished” game. The first, raindrips, was done in allegro and c++, and is mostly done. Nothing too fancy, but a learning experience and a full 2d game with animation and all. Oh yeah, I did pong too, but that doesnt count.. lol

I see these games like pong, and the spin the spaceships and shoot with no real animation or anything that really even resembles a 2d arcade game, and i dont consider them games. They’re learning exercises is all. SO when I go to work on something, I wont settle for any less than 150% of my best. Which is why my toad is animated, my cars will be animated, the turtles will, the water, maybe even a tumbleweed blowing across the sidewalk. I like it to look good, as good as i can get, and i want it to appeal to others..

Too much to bite off for a newb programmer learning a new api and new language, who’s only ever completed 1-2 other simple games? We shall see!!!