Well, had to work most of the last couple weeks, but I have made some progress. The new death scenes are in, they’re fun little cutscenes, but nothing long enough to require being able to skip them. Need to add another sound effect for the death by squishing still. Got most of the new art in, modified the logs, new turtles, new vehicles. Got the cricket bonus in and popping up on pads near you. The sound is unnaturally loud when you land on him though, not sure whats up with that yet. Still have to work out all of the toad animations, which is going to take several hours, then modify the code to animate the toad in all his stages. Right now only the ‘idle’ animation plays. The rest are static images. Timer is in and working, and removed the bug causing you to lose all your lives if you let the time run down.

Thinking about ditching the croc, its just too much right now. I still have to add in the female toad, but she is going to be a bonus similiar to the cricket is all. Snake will go in this week I believe, then Im going to get to work on the title, menu, options, high scores, etc., although that should go pretty quickly.

Im hoping to get this out there this month, cuz honestly I’m done with it and ready to move on to my next project(s).

Im still tossing around ideas for the childrens game. I have the general theme, I’m just trying to come up with some ideas for the mini teaching games, etc. I’ve got a few ideas, but not enough quite yet.

I have some other project ideas to toss around in the meantime. I don’t want to burn myself out working on just one project at the moment, since I usually end up getting bored with stuff pretty quickly.. If I get at least 2 going, its a low enough number to keep up with while giving me something to alternate with. That way if I dont feel like working on a kids game clicking apples with a mouse, I can jump to my other for a break.

Feel free to send ideas for mini learning games my way, things you think would legitimately help teach a child keyboard and mouse skills, but yet be ‘fun’ for them to play. My kids get bored with stuff so quickly its hard to guage what works and what doesnt.

Check out the third screenshot on the Toadder projects page to see the new art! (Programmer made!!!! and borrowed.. heh)