Alright, threw up a quick video of the progress so far. Fraps was recording and caused some slowdowns but its all good.. More below the vid…

In other news, got the timer done tonight. Got the volumes adjusted for the river and traffic, got the new spritefonts inserted and updated the hud, adjusted the delays between gamestates and transitions, added several transitions, and added gameover and level completed sounds to the mix. Whew! Amazing what you can do when the kids behave for a change.. I feel guilty spending all night on the computer instead of with the family, but.. its a choice.. Besides, its not often I get to do this.

Hopefully in the next couple days, Im gonna get the bonus flies and female added in, then work on the enemies, like submerging turles, etc.. Im going to also be working on animating the water.. its just lifeless.. plus all the graphics I need to get redone.

Then comes the high score list, some VERY BASIC options, credits, and I think thats it.. Ugh.. This is my biggest hurdle, at this point, when its playable, just not really quite complete or polished, this is when I typically get bored.. Im hoping I can overcome that this time!