Alright, been working on the graphics and trying to figure out how I want to do them, next up is implementation to see if they work or not.

Next on the list (edited):
Add in scrolling background class to handle animated water.
Edited: Change enemy movement from flat rate to time based, should help eliminate minor stutters..
Add in larger variety of vehicles on the roads
Add in flies/crickets on the pads for bonus points
Add in female frog on the log
Add in snake on sidewalk
Add in snake on log, and crocodiles for logs
Work on main menu screen
Work in high scores listing
Work in options screen
Work in credits screen
Finish artwork and animation for toad & turtles (ugh!)
Finalize game name and create new title screen
Test & release first XNA Game!!!!

Sooo.. The list looks a little long, but it really won’t take all that long when you think about it, and this list is a LOT shorter than it was when I started.. The hard part for me now is overcoming the urge to move on to something else. The gameplay is pretty much all there and it works just as it is, and I proved I could do it, so now I just have to make myself finish and polish it.. Anyways, homework, then on to the todo list! Animated water goes in today! Woohoo!