Been tossing around ideas trying to figure out what I want to work on after I finish up this frogger clone. Frogger’s taught me quite a bit about c#, oop and xna, so its on to other things once its done. Im thinking about a Blokus clone, and threw up a mockup shot of it. Im just not sure if I could come up with an AI for it, much less a decent one. =)

Pac-man might not be too hard and might be a good project to do next to get some practice with some basic AI.. My starskimmer project was mostly to teach myself a little about XNA to begin with, and eventually it might get finished, right now there’s too much more I need to learn to get the enemies and AI the way I want it.

I’ve also been looking at getting in to developing more children’s oriented games, designed for kids oh, 4-9 or so, to help with basic math skills, computer, mouse and spelling and the like. I’ve got 3 kids (6,6 & 8), unfortunately they spend 90% of their time on that damned playstation 2, and they’re sure not learning anything there. But, is there a market for $10-15 shareware kids learning games?