Well its been a slow week, a head cold has been killing me, plus the new EQ2 expansion is out, so not much coding got done.

I also decided to change the gameplay of Suey! a little bit, so its required a little more work than I previously had planned on. It’s amazing how such simple games sometimes, even with simple rules and gameplay and grow much more complex from a programming standpoint. Something that looks so easy can sometimes be rather difficult to code..

Either way, the gameplay in Suey! should now add a nice level of challenge to it. I think what takes the longest by far is getting all the animations and graphics complete. I haven’t even touched sound fx or music yet, but they shouldn’t be as bad as graphics.

Another thing that I really havent had to worry about too much before was drawing order. I have a list of enemies and a list of fence objects. But in order to draw everything, with some sprites able to go behind others, and others in front, I really needed to pay attention to the draw depth or Z Order, something I haven’t had to mess with before.

So what I’m doing with this is combining the 2 lists at draw time, sorting as needed then drawing. I have to keep the 2 lists separate due to collision detections, so this solution will work the best.

Anyways, will post more once I make a little more progress. I know how it has to go in there, I just have to code it.