Programming continues on both Toadder and Suey! Toadder is nearly done, although I may leave some minor things out (such as female frog, etc).. Im bored with it honestly. Suey is amazingly almost gameplay complete. Stuff like the bonus scores between levels, death scenes, animations etc aren’t done, but the gameplay is all there. You can run around, grab the food, lose lives by hitting the bombs, score points, complete a level and move to the next stage. So gameplay-wise, its already there. I played up to level 10 last night (right now it stops at 10).

I added in some simple motion blur for the objects to give them an illusion of higher speed. Works nicely too.

I’ve got 2 versions of my motion blur right now. Version 1 uses an array of Vector2’s and stores the current position, along with the 3 previous positions. Each of the 3 previous positions is then drawn with varying alpha, giving a nice motion blur trail behind each object, plus its adjusted automatically based on the speed. The faster the object, the longer the ‘tail’.

Version 2 just stores the current and then 3 set positions, 4, 8 and 12 pixels behind the object, with all objects having the same size ‘tail’ no matter the speed. Im not sure which version of the blur I will end up using. Both look good and have their advantages.

After testing out the basic gameplay last night as well, I’m changing it around a little bit. Same basic rules, but unlike in the screenshot, Im not going to have fences drawn for each ‘lane’. For one, it just didnt give enough freedom of movement. I didn’t even get that coded in before I realized it. So instead, I’m going to have random ‘fences’ and obstacles for each level. One catch with this pattern though, Occasionally there are going to be fences placed and objects would go through them. Now there’s an idea. One that I might have to think through a little more to figure out how I’m going to implement it, but I wonder if I have a fence going up and down the screen if I couldn’t just make the object hit the fence and bounce back. It should be pretty quick and easy to add in that way and might be a great improvement to the gameplay.. And that is another reason I write this.. ideas pop up sometimes when you throw everything down on umm, paper, err screen, something.

Next step is going to be the fences OR the powerups. I also need to spend some time working on the graphics. I have a good set of images in there now, but I need to adjust some sizes of the objects to fit a little better. I also need to come up with a good algorithm to give a increasing speed variation per stage and also a better ‘random’ determination to find out if a bomb or object pops up, with increasing bomb chances as the level increases.

While I’m at work today I’m going to move more code over from the toadder game to Suey and see what I can’t get done. I don’t have access to a copy of GSE, so its a copy of editplus to the rescue! I may be able to access a remote copy of vis c# express, but its slow. Im hoping to get all the end of level, lose a life, etc screens in today.

So far, there is only about 2-3 hours worth of coding into this game, the rest was images and slacking really. So not too bad for code reuse.