Alright, jumped in for a few hours tonight. Fences now block the player.. levels display appropriately.. scoring all works.. I adjusted the bounding boxes on all the items so the boundingbox fits the items now. Got the gfx done for the powerups. Lessee.. I need to change the bounding box or something on the player, occasionally you ‘stick’ to a fence.. just move a little to get off, but annoying.

Tomorrow or the next day Im going to start work on the Bonus & level up screens, ready screens, etc.. After that Im going to add in the powerups. After that, Ill actually work on sound & music. The game is played in silence right now.. heh.. Also, I updated the logo for the site.. looks much better now if I say so myself! Also added a page on here to keep the videos of the projects, only 2, but hey!