Well, a little break from EQ2 and of course a comment from Ziggy over at ziggyware (link on the right) brought me back to coding. Click the title, cuz there’s more AFTER the video to read..

So, got to work on Suey! tonight. Im starting to layout the level design and reworking some of my level thoughts. The previous way I was going to do it might have actually made it TOO difficult on some of the higher levels, so Im changing a few things up right now. Its also going to make it a little easier to code.

So.. right now, I need to get some more foods added and the good & bad powerups added. Once those are in, I’ll be coding in the levels. Right now it still only goes up to level 11, which is unpassable, but with images will take about 5-10 minutes to get it to go to 20, unless I go with plan B.. which is probably what I’ll do.. Plan B you ask? well, im thinking past level 10, more than one type of food will be coming across.. and I have to work out how I’m going to do that still. I have an idea, I just need to code it out. Simple really.

News related a little more towards Suey! and Toadder, I’m going to begin work soon on the options screen, the high scores, end of level bonus screens, etc.. Most of this will be pretty much designed once then just dropped into the other project, so that should make it easier. I still have to figure out how best to save and read in the data from a txt file or xml, not sure yet. So I’ll be hitting ziggy’s site looking for help there. lol

I know I was planning on a november release, but hell, so much has been going on it just hasnt been possible. I’m still fighting this head/chest cold I’ve had for 2 weeks, plus lucky me is gonna quit smoking! Work will supply patches and counseling and everything for free, so I figure why not. Maybe I can code away the frustration.. heh

Anyways, thats pretty much it for this update! Im crossing my fingers both games can be out by end of december, so we shall see!