Well, it seems I have to rethink a little on how Im going to do my collisions.. Nothing like hitting an obstacle and having it racks up points.. In addition, I need to add some checks and balances so that when I clear an object off of the screen I dont also clear my fences.. Unfortunately right now I have disappearing fence objects.

That should be relatively easy to do though. Once that is done, I need to work out the display of the fences and the player so that the player can actually walk behind the fences or in front of, depending upon their position. I think it will be easy to code, just need to think it about a bit more.

I’m going to be experimenting with one of the tutorials on Ziggys site to work on saving the settings, high scores, etc. That stuff should be easy enough to implement so it will be going in last.

I was hoping to make a december release, but everyone knows about the holidays and how playing other games can wreak havoc upon a timetable.. lol So maybe the beginning of January.

Right now these games, both Suey and Toadder are designed for windows only. I dont have a 360 to test on, so I was never able to delve into the realm of programming for it. It should be relatively easy, but it would be a lot easier if I even knew someone that had one I could use.. so unless I win one from somewhere, dont count on it. However if someone wanted to modify the source as needed to make it WORK on the 360, I wouldn’t be opposed to that. I think really the only things that would need to be changed are the player inputs. Im using soopahmans direct input wrapper, so…

Anyways, Happy Holidays all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!