First, the player images are different sizes depending upon the direction travelled. Meaning, collisions will test ok when hitting a fence, but if the player changes directions, it might position him different so he gets ‘stuck’ on the fence.

Solution: make all player images the same size and use the same size bounding box..

Problem: Player no longer even has to ‘touch’ food to pick it up or get hit by a bomb.. hmmm..

Solution: Pixel perfect collision.. Ugh.. Ziggy has a great tutorial on it so I’ve been reading through it and it looks pretty easy actually. Im not sure I understand quite yet EXACTLY how it works, but I know how to implement it. Sooo. Im going to resize all the player images and then implement pixel perfect collision into the game, along with making the player bounding boxes all the same size. I THINK this will fix my troubles with the player getting stuck on the fences, but I need to think it through a bit more..