Suuu-ey! Preview Released!

* Apparently some people are having issues with this. Its worked on every machine *I* have tested it on, so somethings up. try it if you like, but let me know if it runs or does not!


Well, this has been sitting here a while, so I threw a couple more fixes in it and decided to release a preview of it.

Download Source
Download Binary Install

This preview has no sound in it, and not all the graphics are final. Also, it has a couple minor bugs, occasionally the player will get ‘stuck’ on a fence and you must move around a bit to free him. The game is *NOT* intended to run on the xbox 360 and will not run on it as is. I have also released a rar of the source, but bear in mind this is not finished, its only a preview!

You can use the arrow keys to move around, space to start the game, or alternatively you can use any pc gamepade to play. The game has inifinite levels if you can handle it.

Some things still need to be completed such as Options screen, Instructions, Credits, Power Ups and a few other minor tweaks.

If you have any suggestions / comments / complaints please feel free to contact me through the contact link on this website.

This software is released AS-IS and no responsibility is taken for any troubles resulting from the installation and use of this software.

Most of all, Enjoy!