I have been working on a mystery project that has been on the projects page, and I just updated the status a little. The graphics are pretty much there, although I’m going to need about 10 800×600 background images.. random stuff.. Also going to need some music.. Its basically going to be a puzzle game, kind of a cross between a match3 game like bejewelled and tetris in a way. Although with the way I have it designed, it should be more difficult, slightly more frantic and more fun. Several people are enjoying it right now and its funny because the gameplay is only half there and is missing one of the vital pieces..

I have added in the particle effects now and am working on finding / creating and adding in sounds. Right now im just using the c# wavplayer class since I hate xact.. eventually it will all get moved over to xact, but this is a lot simpler and quicker for adding sounds, especially to test.

Control is something I dont know about yet. Right now control is through the keyboard arrow keys only. Its a bit clunky, but at the same time Im not sure how to make it ‘unclunky’.. It feels ok, it just takes a bit to get used to. Im going to add support for gamepads, and use the 2 sticks to control this that way. I think that would be a lot easier.. still a learning curve to make the thumbs work together, but.. it should be worth it.. ;)

Thats all Im going to say for now. within the week I will be uploading some screenshots and maybe a video.. dunno..