Just an updated vid of my project Kollectiv showing off some of the gameplay. There’s a lot of tweaking to do still I think that will make it more interesting and more fun. Audio in the vid is messed up a little but.. Read more below the vid..

I have some ideas for mouse control, and not sure if I can do gamepad or not. Keyboard control will stay the same. I want to get it sped up a little, and have a little more going on at once, especially starting around level 4 or so.. The actual gameplay is done, but I have been thinking about some random events to add in to mess things up.. I also need to get some slightly better art, backgrounds, sounds, music.. lol..

Most of what I have been working on lately is polish.. Level completed effects, particle fine tuning.. I still gotta customize the menus.. ugh.. Overall this is a good view of what levels 1-3 will be like, with it getting progressively faster paced and difficult as it goes on. I think mouse controls using click and drag will make a huge difference in control, which is kinda clunky atm.

A 640×480 version of the video is available by clicking here.