Well, spent the evening working on Kollectiv. I have customized the main menu screen, the pause screen, options and tweaked gameplay a little. Also sound is slowly being added to the game.

The logo contest was won by Boxless Designs His logos seemed to fit the best, but I want to thank everyone who did submit an entry! You can see his work in the video below on the title screen and the main gameplay screens.

Click for More…

Over the next several days I will be adding in the difficulty settings and making the options on the options menu do something. In addition I will be adding in the background music.

I also plan to add in a title screen in addition to the cdx-games logo screen. I should also be getting around to working on the high scores list and game credits.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions / comments / concerns feel free to use the contact link on the website!