Well, I worked out the problem when the playfield shrinks and the blocks are still coming but out of range. They now simply move into range.. This is much easier to handle this way. I had thought of a few other solutions, but it would have been more complex than it was worth I think.

I also started adding in all the code to handle the three different game modes.. Then realized I better get all the ‘polish’ and missing portions like level complete screens in first.. Just makes that process a bit easier. I also need to get in there and get some graphics work done still for those.. but soon.

I think were still in for a mid to end July release.. or at least a playable beta. I still need to get into XACT (as much as I hate it) and get the audio into it and then drop it back into a 2.0 project to make it easier to distribute.

Anyways, Im about bored to death with half the games I currently have, so looks like time just opened up for more coding.. ;)

Also, added 4 new screenshots of Kollectiv to the DevShots image thingy on the right.