Motivation. Thats the hard part sometimes. Right now Kollectiv is essentially done. Music & some sound effects are there, the gameplay is 90% done. The only real things that need to be done are the 2 other game modes, moving everything over to XACT, implementing difficulty and volume controls. Otherwise, thats pretty much it..

The hard part is I have other idea’s I know I want to work on, but having been here before, if I start working on one, the chance of me coming back to this one is reallly slim.. So I have got to keep myself moving forward..

I did take the time last night to modify the input manager for the game state to allow for mouse input on all the menus. Just moving the mouse didnt work so well, so I set it to use the scroll wheel to go up and down through the menus, the left button as a Select and the right button for Cancel events. So its now entirely possible to launch the game, adjust your settings and play without ever touching the keyboard. Next up, Windows gamepad support in the menu.. grrrr. thats the only thing that ticks me off about XNA..

So, once the gamepad support is in for the menus, I have to add 360 gamepad support to the game itself.. I only have the windows gamepad code in there right now. After that I think the next thing is to work on the difficulty options.

Also, I’m asking for your input here. Right now, the way the gameplay is set up is that the playfield shrinks if there are no blocks on the outside edges. But I have to figure out what to do with blocks that are already moving in on the screen that end up now outside of the playfield range. Do I get rid of the playfield shrinking? or just move the blocks.. I can’t decide.. Anon comments should be enabled, so feel free!