Well, work on Kollectiv continues. Over the last two days I have secured several pieces of music for the game, provided courtesy of Bijoy Thangaraj from his album ‘Blitz’. You can check out his site here!

I have also been hard at work on the high score system, trying to make it xbox compatible using the guide class, and serializing the data into an xml file. Seems to be working perfect! Next up is working on the entry system for names. I think I am only going to allow a-z upper and lower, and numerals. No symbols. Less chance for disaster that way.

The help screens are all completely done, and credits are being redone currently as well. I was just going to do a static page for credits, but you know, theres more going in there than I thought.. so scrolling it will be.. The title page also got a revamp and I changed the logo’s around a bit. I think it just fits better and looks a little more ‘pro’..

Currently Im using the XNA 3.0 CTP for the sound functionality, but I think I’m probbably going to be switching it back to 2.0 so it can be deployed on the 360 when done.