Well, the basic game IS done.. I finished up the audio, down sampled some of it.. Finished up the Ready screens and the end of level bonus screens tonight.. I made a nice video showing off all the gameplay features, but its not done converting yet and probbly wont be done until tomorrow.. So a lot of work got done tonight, but I missed my fishing trip as well.. dammit..

I should mention the release version right now weighs in at 184 megs installed.. mostly due to the audio.. I need a good audio format to shrink that down but that is still useable with XACT 2.0.. I’m also going to look into ZipLib I think it was called.. may help some..

As far as whats left goes, I need to do a little work on the different game modes.. those are not really working yet.. Difficulties work, but the different modes are still barely functional. I figure I’m going to hit my target and have a working version for download within a week.

Watch this site here to get the address when its done! Also, I should have the video up tomorrow..

With the release though, Now I seriously need to find some artists.. None of the current background images is really useable.. they were all found on the net.. so if you know anyone or have some nice background images, send em my way and I’ll add you to the credits!