Well, worked on cleaning up a few bugs and aesthetic fixes tonight, also started implementing the difficulty option. Right now it was child’s play to set up the easy normal & hard to adjust the amount of blocks needed for a match. Right now, easy mode is 2 blocks +, normal is 3, and hard mode requires 4+.. Easy is eeeaasy.. Normal is about right, and hard is a pain.. lol.. I still need to use the difficulty to adjust the incoming blocks speed, frequency and timer amounts..

I’m getting really close to the point where I will need some people to playtest. Of course I will need to convert it to a 2.0 format.. maybe.. I still don’t have the xact project setup yet nor a sound/music class but I think I will need it here soon’ish.. Basic game sounds are all there..

I do want to get in there in the next couple days and add some sounds and better effects for the combos, when you match 2 or more block patterns. I was also thinking of adding in some kind of ‘bonus’ blocks or powerups, but honestly I think I might save those for a Kollectiv Extreme Edition or some such.. This version is actually quite a bit of fun to play with right now..

I also am intermittently experiencing a bug I just cant track down, where if I quit the game from the pause menu, and then select Play Game from the main menu, it will play the loading animation and then instantly displays the pause menu again… its odd and it only does it on occasion.. I can’t figure it out.. tonight, it didn’t do it..

Anyways, enough for tonight.. kids screaming, and honestly after a couple hour walk in the Boise foothills I’m ready for bed.. =)

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!