Well, tonight is being spent mostly on creating and adding some audio.. I have to tell you, I thought the features in the 3.0 CTP for audio where a godsend.. but you really have less control. How do you tell if a sound is playing or not currently? I didnt see a quick and easy way, so bools it is.. I’ve been recording and adding various sound effects and adding the music to the project tonight. Spent a few hours recording vocals for it and tweaking those.

I also completed the combo screens and animated them for when a player knocks out more than 1 set of blocks at a time.. Try to get 5 to knock out at the same time.. I dare you.. lol

I’m still not finished for the night. I think I’m going to add an audio class and get ready to drop all the wav files into xact tomorrow.. as much as I hate it, it gives you a lot more control.. ah well.. back to coding!