Well well.. I have been running across a bug occasionally with the block sliding routine when it goes up against the routine to shrink the playfield.. occasionally blocks will simply vanish into an other-worldly nothingness.

I was looking at the code last night and for both the gamepad and the mouse, if the button is down, I have some variables, namely mouseDragX & Y.. So being the bright developer I am, I know those get set to 0 as soon as you let go of the button, I was thinking if the mouseDrag X or Y was greater than 0, then well, no shrinking the field..

Im theory that should work, However, being as this is a game, it wont work that way.. Its just murphy’s law.. So instead when I get home I think I’m just going to create a bool called Sliding or something that I will set to true as soon as the mousebutton or gamepad button goes down, and set to false when released. This way I can prevent the board from shrinking when the button is down safely, and there should be no more blocks being transported to that other-worldly nothingness.

Imagine, the solution coming while @ work.. on a monday of all days! Well, back to work.. I got started on the Kollectiv website, figure nothing else to do here while talking on the phone.. I love my job!