Ok, so I ran through the feedback and worked on some updates for Kollectiv. Heres the summary of whats been done so far. A new version of Kollectiv will be released sunday or monday with these changes added in.
I am also working on a way to localize the language, and am trying to find the best and easiest solution to implement.
I will also be adding in a tutorial to give players a little help when first playing Kollectiv. I have not decided if this will be in game or on the website yet.
Kollectiv Changelog:

  • The high scores list will now show ‘—‘ instead of default. Just an asthetic change really.
  • The keyboard symbols for the shift, backspace, space and enter have been changed to more ‘standard’ symbols.. sort of. 
  • The High scores page will now let you enter in your name using the mouse pointer instead of just the keyboard.
  • There was a leftover delay from the gamestatemanagement sample on the loading screen that was removed.
  • The playfield size will now never exceed 8 blocks high or wide to start a level.
  • An option was added to the options screen to allow Line Locking. What this does is if enabled (default), when you click on a line and begin to slide that line, it will lock so that line and that direction is the only movement allowed. This prevents players from accidentally moving left or right and moving lines next to them incidentally.
  • Added a line selection box that outlines the current line being moved.