Well, work on Suu-ey is progressing. I am working on integrating it into a modified GSM system. Right now Im working on combining the CircleItem menu to replace the main menu, which is going.. well kind of rocky.. I thought I had it running, and it worked pretty good, but the way I was doing it the menu got out of sync and needless to say, selecting Hi Scores would exit, etc.. doh..

So I backed out all of the changes I had made last night, and I think I have a much easier solution.. Im trying to make this work with the game state manager without changing it too much.. but I may have to do a little more than I wanted.. I have ideas, but we’ll see!

I also have some gameplay changes I am going to be implementing which I think will add to the fun factor and challenge. I have had some talented musicians and artists contact me so I am hoping to have some good art and sound assets within the next month. Once I get the menu system done, I will post some new screenshots.