Well, I started last night on the new player movement system where the pig never stops moving, but instead following the mouse cursor around the screen. Even if you stop moving, the pig will sit there and ‘pace’ back and forth. So right now I have 360 degree movement, but it wouldnt work unless it was top down.. So!


I think I am going to take my pig sprite.. and render it in 16 directions. Then depending on the current angle, I’ll simply swap out the appropriate sprite sheet. Not perfect, but near so for what I want.

Then I added in a list of ‘enemy’ objects on the screen to work on collision detection. I was going to go for pixel perfect, but with 16 rendered directions and 360 degree movement, its not quite perfect. I think I have the solution worked out, but I need to finish building the new testplayer class to play with it a bit. It should be damn near PP collisions.. then I can figure out how to integrate all these changes into the actual game instead of the test project they are working from now.. lol…