Suu-ey! Game Play Changes:

Game play is currently 85% done already. Most of the current codebase will be retouched and/or rewritten to implement the new features. Existing codebase will not support some of these options, so a delay in release until End of October / mid November. I am still awaiting sound and art assets from some very talented artists. Items with a strike-through font have already been implemented in the test project or the current codebase.
The following is a list of changes being considered or implemented.
Add in new Cdx Games splash screen
Add in new Title screen with the ‘A or Start to begin’ to determine playerindex as well as control device.
Add in Credits Screen
Create XACT project and begin work on sound effects and add in sound class to handle sound effects and musical assets already collected.
Implement Player Health meter and animate it
Change to continous 360 degree movement
Implement mouse control of pig
Remove windows gamepad controls or fix(!) and add in 360 Gamepad controls
Change game to accomodate time based movements
Implement per pixel collision detection to help with getting ‘stuck’
Redesign player directional sprites (depending on movement change) to be one size to help with getting ‘stuck’
Adjust all drawing routines to handle scale so resolution can be adjusted dynamically.
Added in Flee routine. Smack the pig into a obstacle, its going to run the other way!
Change bombs to ‘daze’ player causing a loss of time, and possibility of getting hit again. Lose X health.
Add in Dazed animation. 3-5 second duration.
Add in dynamite – lose life automatically
Add in flying pitchforks
Adjust bonus scores
Adjust collision with food objects to increment level timer by 2-3 seconds in addition to score, add 2% to health
Redesign GUI to handle safezone on 360 and mediacenter pc’s
Implement different obstacles for different levels
Implement crazed farmer
Implement Options screen
Implement different background images
Implement power ups and downs
Possibly add post process effects to powerup usage.
Add in health system in addition to lives to make it a little bit easier.
Add in new models / intro art / background music and sounds (currently being designed)
Possibly change system to scale based system so the game scales properly and allow resolution changes.
Animate Loading Screen
Design Help Screen
Migrate and test high scores class from Kollectiv
Add in Intro scene.
Implement EasyZip content project.
Implement Graphi-XNA project.

Suu-ey! Game Play Changes:

Game Modes: Normal / Frenzy / Timed
  • Normal: Normal game play rules apply here
  • Frenzy: All food comes at all times, all power-ups are available, no lives, just health meter.
  • Timed: Eat as much as possible within a time limit determined by difficulty
    , no lives, just health meter.
Difficulty Level: Easy / Normal / Madness
  • Easy: Object speeds decremented by 25%. No Flying pitchforks. No Crazed Farmer.
  • Normal: All normal game play rules apply.
  • Madness: Object speeds incremented by 25%. Higher chance of Farmer & Pitchforks, Power Downs. Bombs kill instantly.
Suu-ey! Options Menu Changes:


Sound / Music / Vocal Volumes

Game Mode
Difficulty Level
Screen Resolution
Full Screen / Windowed
Reset High Scores List
Game Credits
Suu-ey! Power Ups & Downs:

Power ups begin to appear at level 3 and higher.
Power Ups:

Green Pepper – Increases pig speed – Frenzy Mode – change player sprite to whirlwind with pigs head – Level 5+
Ice Cube – Decreases object speeds by 33% – Level 6+
Pig Icon – Extra Life – Level 3+
StopWatch – Increment timer by 10 seconds – level 4+
Gold Coin – Increment score – Gives bonus of x2 on object score values – Level 10+
Power Shake – Increment player health by 33% – level 6+
Power Downs:

Red Pepper – Increment object speeds by 33% – Level 7+
Time Bomb – Changes all objects to bombs for duration of passage on screen – Level 3+
Pitchfork – Decrements level timer by 10 seconds – Level 4+
Poison Apple – Increment objects required by level by 10 – Level 10+
Martini – Decrease player speed by 45% – Level 5+
Other power ups & downs to be added as time and ideas permit.