Link to Suu-ey! Project Change List Page

Alright, so heres where I’m thinking I am on Suu-ey!

Im still waiting on the new art assets but they are being worked on.

Audio and music is coming along nicely, trickling in piece by piece..

I do want to thank everyone who has put in their time and effort to help me with assets on this one! You guys make the difference!

Now, I had wanted to get this done by end of september.. But after looking back through the old code, theres a looooot that needs to be changed and/or updated. So we’ll shoot for October instead. I have a 4 day weekend coming up this Friday – Monday, Spore has lost its "Im new Play Me" appeal, so this weekend I am going to start with the honey-do list, then work on integrating the new player movement, health system, etc over to the old codebase and update what needs to be done. I still need to work on a level transition screen for the game.. I think..

I also need to figure out how to do my options screen. I have ideas, just nothing set in stone yet. I also need to get everything converted to allow multiple resolutions as well as making sure the movement is all time based.. not just adding pixels per udpates.. So got a little work ahead of me!