Well, being lazy and not quite understanding events well enough to design my own, AND wondering why I should reinvent the wheel, and seeing all the other basic screen managers out there, I gave up and went back to the GSM Sample.. I think I have it modified enough to do what I want.. My biggest problem is, i want my graphicsdevice available where I want it. I want my spritebatch available to pass to other classes, and not necessarily from the draw routine either. Sure, I could have designed my own classes differently only taking the spritebatch for the draw. It would make sense.. but still.. if I can put this in the draw:

SpriteBatch spriteBatch = ScreenManager.SpriteBatch;

and it works, then why the hell cant I use that same line in the update method, then pass that reference of spriteBatch to my classes update methods? (dont ask why I set it up to take spriteBatch for the update..) .. Either way, I think I have the base sample modified enough to allow me to do what I want, how I want.. and I have that saved… now my next thing I need to do is dump the main menu screen. I’m tired of the pulsing words.. So I began work on a new interface, and I think its going to be simple enough.. I just have to figure out how to make it trigger the events and such as I want it to. I know with Suu-ey I hacked the circle menu into the main menu screen and just had it changing the selectedValue.. it was a pain and really was a hackjob that barely worked.. So I need to go back and look at the menuscreen.cs and mainmenuscreen.cs and see if I need to derive my main menu off menuscreen, or how I need to do that to get the events firing properly, if i even need the events..

I will post up a short vid once the new main menu screen is in place.. got a couple good ideas for the interface for the options screen as well.. I know I could code it by myself.. the question is can I make the GSM work with my ideas.. heh