Well, its been a lazy week.. well, not really lazy, just busy with everything else.. But over the next 2 days I hope to get back to work. I’ve thought it out about how I want to do each of the cities in this project, and the types of information I am going to need to have for each one.

So once the city class is coded, I’ll get to work on the new gameWorld class, which of course will have to maintain the map number, city locations, economies, etc.. I still have to figure out how I want to organize all that data so its accessible where it needs to be, but.. Once all that is in place, then I can figure out how to associate the gameworld to the player profile, so it can be saved / loaded properly. Ugh.. Theres a lot of info in there to save! But I think I’ll put off on saving anything until the cities are all up and working.. rather than keep modifying and modifying and..

Next after that part is working is combat. How I’m going to do that I’m still not sure. I have a lot of ideas ranging from absurdly simple to relatively engaging. This is also what should separate this game from others of its kind, its more in-depth and theres more to the overall gameplay. I have a few technical hurdles to jump over though.


Water Shader – Help Wanted Section


On to the water.. which of course, is a MAJOR portion of this game. With this I need help. I want it to look good of course.. since I really want this thing polished. Now Kyle Hayward over at his blog  has a nice water shader, but of course, its 3d. What I would like and what I dont know how to quite do  is take that and use it on a 2d top down view. I would love to have the waves, etc.. but I just can’t figure out how to make that setup work in 2d topdown.. If you know, please use the contact form and help me out here.. =) Im just 3-d stupid. The minute you start talking about matrix’s and vector4.transforms, Im just lost..

Some form of water is going to be on the screen during every part of the gameplay.. I was thinking if I cant get that shader to work, I might have to settle on finding some basic refraction shader and then a particle system for motion trails in the water. I’m not too sure how all that would look, but..

If you can help me with the water shader on that site, or another one, let me know. I would like waves and refraction. Reflection isnt a big deal since were doing 2d top down.. it’d be a bonus, but not necessary. If possible I would like to use the water on the main map as well, which would be an almost full screen map. Cities I will probably use a static image for them.