Well, I think I have the profile screen finally pretty much summed up. We can now create a new profile, load a game, delete a profile, display the profile menu, handle different popup screens, etc. Profile creation consists of several different steps, picking an image, a name, difficulty and a map..  

Right now its all pretty basic, faded sepia toned images with a full color highlight on selection, but no special effects otherwise. I wouldn’t mind adding some polish later on down the road, such as fading in the full color, a rock or a tilt, or a sliding selection bar instead of just popping to the next selection. 

The images are currently all public domain as far as I am aware, however I doubt this is going to be the final artwork by any means. I did hide a few screenshots on the page though. If any of the art isnt pd, please let me know now.

Now I can finally get into the actual gameplay screen.. right after I figure out all the different variables I’m going to need to load / create etc to play. The save / load has a lot of data to read and write to make this work. Now hopefully my save and load routines wont mess up an xbox.. heh