Ok, Yars is pretty much done.. I got bored with it, started to really add a lot to it, decided I still dont know HOW I want it all to play out, so threw it on a back burner.

So for the last week or two I’ve been digging into another project.. yep.. I have a short attention span. This one is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time though, I just never realized how much work would have to go into it for such a relatively simple game.

Right now Im working on building and storing the player profiles, which is basically their save game. Something I didnt think about when I started.. oops.. So I need to save their name, difficulty, profile image, gold, bank amounts, etc.. Ok, not bad.. I threw it all into a class, serialized it.. saved it! Woohoo! Oh crap… its xml.. its editable.. DOH! Oh looky.. theres how much gold I had when I saved.. lets add a few 9’s to the front of it..

So now I’m looking into ways of encrypting and hiding the data from prying eyes.. Someone suggested saving it as a binary file, and realy Im not worried about casual users so that should be fine.. but I wouldn’t mind encrypting it either.

So off to research!