Well, doubt this will stay nice and bried as intended.. but.. I started working on a simple economy system. Not this made me stop and think quite a bit, and I’m still in the process of designing it. Right now I have a simple class, EconomyItem.. This consists of various attributes of each item, mincost, maxcost, lifetime, spoilage, legality of item, etc. Then I created an economy class. Now since each city in the game should have its own pricing, each city needs its own economy. The economy class is going to contain a list<economyitem> of all its products, as well as quantity, supply, price factors, etc.. Im still working out the details of this class. Higher up, we have each city class, with its name, its own economy oject, and many other features which I have yet to map out.. That should be entertaining..

Im also trying to find and figure out a good 2d GUI system to use. I haven’t really seen any good ones with good examples yet, but I’ll be digging into that soon. Hopefully its not too hard to drop in otherwise I might just end up creating my own. The gui is going to be needed for a good portion of the game I think.. Im not sure yet if Im going to need scrollbars or not, but if I do, I’d rather not have to code that myself.

Once I get the cities worked out, then I can go back and update the profile screen, which handles loading the profile.. Of course, I might move the loading into the gameplayscreen itself.. reloads, etc.. Not sure how I want to handle that either. One thing I can say for certain though is I have always wanted to make a game like this, and I killed a lot of time and battery on my pda’s playing various games similiar. But this time it’s going to be made my way, with a little more to it.. I think it will be worth it in the long run.