For one, I dont care if its politically correct. Merry Christmas.. Its not happy holidays, its merry christmas.. for all of those others, a happy holiday season to you as well. The whole PC thing just bugs the hell out of me though. I went to the kids’ elementary CHRISTMAS program. Not a single traditional christmas song. Ugh.. Where does it stop? You ever see that episode of South Park where the kids are doing their christmas program, but everyone in town objects about this or that until they end up with this freakin odd ball alternative play thing that has nothing to do with christmas? Yup.. that’s where we’re headed..

Anyways, I thought about doing up a little christmas project, snowy ground, christmas tree with particle lights, particle snow falling.. I might still, but I dont know how much time I’ll have. I might try changing it into a screensaver..

But either way, Merry Christmas to all and a Happy Holidays to those who prefer that!