Alright, I started working down my list here.. and its not much, but in the last 2 days I’ve redone the moon and sun, and I’ve added some nice coloration changes to the sun. In the real world, as the sun sets and rises, its more yellow’ish but at noon, its too bright to look at. Maybe thats not the most accurate look or description, but thats what I have done to the component. In the early morning and then again in the evening as the sun rises and sets, its got a much better looking yellow color to it, brightening as it rises into the sky.

Clouds are my next mind numbingly pain of a step. The problem is coming up with some good clouds and/or drawing some good clouds. I’d like to add a couple different types of clouds into the component as well as adding in their movement. The other thing I need to work on is their transparency levels. I want the clouds to be able to block out some of the light, but at the same time… its going to be a matter of tweaking it to make it look just right. But first, I have to find or figure out the best method to actually draw a semi-realistic cloud.. ugh.

I’ve also got the ability to change the direction the sun and moon travel. Right now it rises in the east (the right side of the screen) and sets in the west, but I’ve also got it to where it rises on the left and sets on the right. Not a big deal, but one way or the other might look and feel better depending on the project.

Once I get the clouds done, I’ll post another vid..