Ok, got the video re-upped.. youtube claimed a duplicate.. maybe i hit upload on the wrong file. I dunno.. time to clean the desktop.. Anyways, Right now this is set up as a standalone class.. You create a new instance, call the update and draw methods manually. Easier IMO than a drawablegamecomponent, but thats personal preference. I am going to be modifying the arc of the sun and moon. Right now they travel in a circular path, which was just my starting point, but if your careful, as the sun and moon set and rise, you can see them start to curve in and out. I need to change it to just an arc or a path.. MAYBE with a variable start and end point..

The clouds also have an odd dark halo around them during the daylight. Thats something in the cloud images themselves.. I hate clouds.. but I will find a way to remove that if it kills me. I have an idea, its just going to require reworking all of my current cloud patterns. I will also be working on the clouds fading a bit at night.. and getting rid of their little disappearing act.. haven’t looked yet to see why they do that..

I will also be adjusting the brightness cycle.. It starts getting dark a wee bit too soon after highsun for my tastes.. thats just going to be a trial and error. Also, none of the code is time based right now. I know I need to get that done before I do much more or it will kill me in the long run..

Thats it for now..