Well, spent a few hours working on one of my projects tonight. I think I have the majority of the savegame data down and being saved and loaded.. Im sure there’s going to be a lot more that will need to be added. It works out to about 39k per profile, with a max of 5 saved profiles. Its a lot, yes, but there is a lot of data to be stored. Right now I’m just getting into the actual gameplay portion.

Designing all the classes that make up the "gameworld" and organizing that data to be stored was a pain, but now that its done, the rest ‘should’ be pretty easy. My only hiccup I’m running into right now is artwork. I hate doing a project, even a prototype with crappy graphics, so for now I borrowed a few scenes and will work on getting these replaced as soon as possible. Here’s a quick vid to show off what there is so far. It’s not much yet, but I’m proud of it.. and not a particle in sight! heh… yet…

I still need to get my water done right, redo the maps, the cities, add in the skycycle.. the list goes on… any starving artists or musicians out there that might be interested in this?


Like I said, this is just a quick overview of what is working. I’ll post more on this once its in a more ‘playable’ state.