The 10 Gallon Squiggle… I like it..

You know, theres an awful lot of flash games out there.. simple, to the point, and usually loads of fun.. An excellent way to get idea’s to  build upon. Or a developers worst nightmare.. The problem is, its simple in flash, then you go thinking "I wanna do that!" and it gets bigger… and bigger.. lol.. ah well. Such is life.

Anyways, I’m collecting info for Kollective 2 and working out some ideas, and started yet another project. No high ambitions, just what will amount to a simple racing game; but it should teach me a few new things as well. Kollectiv 2 and the Pirate Game are still being worked on, but right now, at least I have a choice on what I want to work on. I’m one of those that if I keep focusing on the same project.. all day and all night without something else, I *WILL* burn myself out on it and it will be yet another dead project folder on the HDD.

The artwork for the 10 Gallon Squiggle is all borrowed at the moment and I need to find some assets or an artist to help, but i’m putting it all together. The main menu should be fun in and of itself with the ideas I have planned. I need to study up on curves or waypoints, or I might just adapt my flocking code to make the hook move how I want.. that way it would be a little more ‘dynamic’. Just gotta remove the rotation.

As soon as I get my menu done, I’ll post a shot / vid of it.. Now if only I could find a nice easy shader to put into place, that would give the ‘wavering’ effect of looking at fish in an aquarium..