Well, I have my pirate project going well, items in the city are selectable but i still need to go back and move some code around before I get back to work on it.. But like a lot of people, working on the same thing over and over starts to take its toll, you get bored and you stop.

Right now, I’ve been fiddling around with a lot of other things on the side.. a sky component (which works nicely in the pirate game), the platform starter kit, etc.. But one thing I’ve been meaning to go back and do is work on a update to Kollectiv. I know Kollectiv plays just fine, its fun, but its far from what I would call polished. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time about how I would want to do a second version, and what all I would need to do to give it that professional polish and feel.

I have some ideas to enhance the original gameplay without losing anything, so I think I am going to start working on Kollectiv 2. Not sure if it will keep the same name, add a number, add a sub title, I dont know. But I do think I am going to work on this and the pirate game.. Working on that pirate game project alone has taught me a lot that will help.. and its still a loooong ways away from a playable alpha.

Kollectiv 2 will be able to re-use some of the existing code and should go together fairly quickly so I can work on adding and polishing, although I do believe it will be a complete re-write, rather than just adding to the original base code. Im thinking themes, possible animated backgrounds, I dont know yet.. all I know is it should look, feel and play a lot better than the original.

The original kollectiv will always have its place for me though since that is the first ever game I have released to the public, much less actually completed. It may not play nice with ‘title-safe’ areas, etc.. but if you play it on a pc, as it was meant, it works great!