Well, I got my particle system initialized into the gameplay screen.. Damn I Love DPSF so far.. =) Anyways, I was thinking about how I wanted to organize my objects, enemies and background items since thats about the stage I’m working on right now. So what I need is to have a list<> of generic background objects and a list<> of enemy objects. Now for the enemy objects it should be pretty easy to set up. I should be able to create a list of enemies using a generic enemy class.. with specific enemy types inheriting the base class. Now since I have a bunch of types of enemies with multiple types of attacks, thats something more I need to think about.. thanks damned blog.. if I hadn’t typed it, I wouldn’t have realized it.. 

For my background objects, I think I can have a background object class.. But my big thing that im having troubles figuring out is certain background objects will need to have particle systems attached to them. I dont want to constantly update these particle systems unless they are visible of course.. but then NOW I have to figure out when I should start updating their particles. Since most of them are going to have bubbles with a random X from the object, when do I start updating? 

Im not going to draw anything in the lists unless its within a specified range. So for the background objects Im thinking that if I start updating the particles about 100-200 pixels before they scroll onto the screen, then the bubbles and all should be ok and look as if they had been running the whole time. Plus, if the player is moving slow enough, this way I might get a few bubbles onscreen before the object itself is visible. Which is just how it needs to be. 

Amazing how blogging about things helps to see them clearer in your mind and get you going. Ah well. Now I’m too lazy to do it tonight. maybe.. 

Enemies will be fun too.. They have to be able to swim both directions so they can come back at the player.. I might even give one or two a limited chase routine to make it more authentic.. heh.