Level Diagram:

Well, spent a couple hours working on the background objects class. Since its going to be the basis for a lot of things, I need to get it right before I move on. The drawing isn’t perfect yet.. there’s an oddball flaw in the drawing that I can’t quite get right. So I’m going to do some work on paper at work today and see if I can get it to do what I want. Then the only thing left is to add the particle effects systems to the class.

The drawing is going to bug me for a while.. for some reason my objects just aren’t appearing where they would be expected to appear.. at least on the X axis. For some reason they are almost an entire screen off.. ugh.. Once the background objects are drawing properly I can move on to everything else, including game objects, enemies, etc.

My trouble in the draw is displaying on the screen area… and scrolling the objects by. Since their position doesnt actually change, its not too hard. What I seem to be having troubles with is the objects not appearing where I would expect.. For some reason if I place the objects, evenly space as drawn above, they dont seem to be drawing that way oncreen.. Place an object at say, 2500 x, so it should display at say 2500 – 1024? or is it + .. either way I need to sit and figure the math.. 

The other problematic area is the far right end, in the yellow. Since the player stops moving when the curPos hits 10,000 I’ve got to make it draw the objects out furthur, so tankLength + 1024 – width of object, should get it to appear on the far right side.. but again, right now, something is displaying them in an ‘off’ position.. It should be on that right edge, the math adds up, the image doesnt display against the edge.. its like 200 pixels off in some cases.. grrrr..

Oh well. something to work on and think about for today.. =)