Well, got some powerups and a powerup manager added yesterday. Got the launch screen so the game doesnt directly jump to playing from the menu.. Got the player shield working.. If I feel up to it, I might add some asteroids  as an additional occasional hazard for the player. I also have to work out the ‘levels’ since right now its just a single repeating level. I have it in place right now where as level increases, the strength of the cannons shield goes up meaning it can take up to 5 hits to knock out a single shield cell. However with the powerups (which will increase in frequency as level increases) you can knock that down to 2 hits or so. The shield cells display in a different color based on their strength. So..



  • Connect Game Over Screen to game over method
  • Add in level complete screen & finish setup for incrementing levels
  • Add in random ‘space junk’ and asteroids. We are in space close to earth, so..
  • Redo the HUD
  • Add in a couple different ‘cannon’ sprites.
  • Add in at least 1 more cannon firing pattern.
  • Add in ability for ‘missiles’ (cannons options?) to fire at higher levels
  • Add in shield for player to retreat to when available. Shield increases player ship regen rate and missiles cant track.
  • Thought about giving player ‘options’.
  • Game Credits Screen.. oops.. forgot that! Must give credit to soundsnap and nasa.. =)
  • Adjust rumbles from Kris Steele’s class.. Wonderful gamepad rumble class. Painless to implement.
  • Design Website for game.
  • Release game for Windows.. won’t be available for the 360. Don’t own one. Plus I’d have to make some changes.. detecting any gamepad, etc.. Depends on bills. Maybe with the tax money.. or YOU can contributeto the "Help me get a dev 360" fund using the paypal donate button on this page if you would like to see this and other games on the 360.  ;)