Well, the kids were complaining. They want to play the pig game. And the fish game.. and.. So I had to break down and make them a promise..

I will *NOT* start any more projects until I finish the ones I have already started.. I promised them I would start finishing em.. Ugh.. I get bored soooo easily..  

So hopefully soon enough Ill get to work and put out Cannon #12, The 10 Gallon Squiggle, my frogger clone – Toadder, Suu-ey!, Coastal Glide (the pirate themed trading game), and any others I might have started then stopped on.. Maybe not in that order, but.. lol.

I just realized how many unfinished projects I have.. and some of em are mostly feature complete and just needed the ‘polish’..

Darn kids.. make me finish what I start.. grrrrrrrr…. It’s probably going to kill me to go back and look at some of that early code.. ugh.. But I’ve learned a *LOT* since then! Here’s wishing me luck!