Although this was originally created for the GameStateManagement sample, it can easily be extracted into any project. What this is is a screen that handles displaying the ‘game over’, checks whether the score its passed is a new high score or not, then displays an onscreen keyboard to allow the user to enter their name, saves it to the list, and displays the top high scores. Note, this is ONLY local, it is in no way online or networked, and it uses the xbox 360’s way of selecting a storage device, which on windows is transparent to the user. This also gives me another shot to show off my latest boredom creation. The link to download this is below the images in the full post.




I said I would release this about 2 weeks ago, I just wanted to get a menu, scores, etc added to it.. Well I’m still adding.. I need art for the 10 Gallon Squiggle, so its holding while I finish this up. Its almost ready to be released.. more as a full game than a quick recreation of an old atari favorite. 

On a side note, here are a couple shots of the input, high scores screen etc. from Cannon #12, using this set of classes. The inputmanager is from the GameStateManagement sample, so refer to its license for that or change the code to reflect your input manager.

ok.. I was going to post a youtube vid as well, but I’m tired.. and I’m being lazy.. 

Well, sleep wasn’t in the picture yet. Here’s the vid once youtube finishes processing it.. 


Heres the download link: