Well, I took a slight temporary diversion. I posted here a while back that I was going to quickly finish up the Yars project and release it, then I forgot about it again. So I spent a couple hours this last couple days working on that. I added in the spash screen, and am working on a main menu screen right now. Its not going to be anything extravagant, but right now the game starts, when you blow up the cannon, it just exits.. so I figure I need a little more than that.. lol. I might add some varying difficulty and levels to it.. depends on if the mood hits me. It also has a new name, Cannon #12.. Slighly comedic story/plot to it to explain as well. Heres a couple quick shots of it:


These are only 320×240, so no details.. The final game is going to be released for windows only and only at 800×600 probably. I dont have a 360 to do any testing, so no 360 version. Maybe with the taxes this year.. the kids would love it!