Ok. Updated ToDo list for Cannon #12. I will end up trying to release this for the 360 as well, although I think that may make me rethink a few things on the 360 version since its not using a native widescreen res like 1280×720. I might work on making those adjustments tonight.



  • Add in level complete screen & finish setup for incrementing levels  – (current task)
  • Add in ability for ‘missiles’ (cannon options) to fire at higher levels with differing patterns based on game level.
  • Add in Title Splash, get PlayerIndex screen
  • Add in new menu to handle extra options
  • Add in shield for player to retreat to when available. Shield increases player ship regen rate and missiles cant track.
  • Game Credits Screen.. oops.. forgot that! Must give credit to soundsnap and nasa.. =)
  • Add in Boss levels, thinking every 4th level
  • Add in Power Up display.. When player picks up power up, non intrusive, spiralling text to inform them what it is..
  • Add in explosion for player ship and enemy cannon
  • Change to 1280 x 720 res
  • Add extra sound effects – powerup pickup, cannon explosion, player death.
  • Player ship dropoff animation for new life / new game
  • Add in gamepad detection for 360. Not going to worry about signed in gamers. they can type their name.
  • Add in easyzip project to compress textures / audio.
  • Work on sound effects failing to play properly always when cannon is ready to fire.
  • Remove ability to use gamepad to spawn player rocket. =) 
  • Test rocket aiming / firing at cannon.
  • Need new rocket sprite.
  • Anything else I feel needs to be added… there’s bound to be something..
  • Add in random ‘space junk’ and asteroids. We are in space close to earth, so.
  • Redo the HUD
  • Add in a couple different ‘cannon’ sprites.
  • Add in at least 1 more cannon firing pattern.
  • Connect Game Over Screen to game over method
  • Add in explosions for shield / junk items.
  • Adjust rumbles from Kris Steele’s class.. Wonderful gamepad rumble class. Painless to implement.
  • Design Website for game.


  • Release game for Windows / 360.. should be available for the 360. Don’t own one but am borrowing one.
  • YOU can contribute to the "Help me get a dev 360" fund using the paypal donate button on this page if you would like to see this and other games on the 360.  ;)

There will not be any multiplayer.


Suu-ey! & Squiggle are my next projects to get completed.. Still need art for Squiggle.. =(

Items in RED are goals being currently worked on.