Well, the 360 is great to have. I just wish I didnt have any games for it. Its so easy to turn it on and play NFS Carbon instead of changing the code on the monitor beside the console. But..

Options are now working and can fire / hit the shield hexes and opponents. I still have to code in the launch and retreats for them, and I am still undecided as to when and how the options will become available to the player. Im thinking, if you survive 10 seconds without being hit even once, the first option will launch.. survive another 20 seconds, get the second option. I also need to think on how long they will stay and the general conditions for their retreat. They give the player such an advantage that I dont want them too easy to obtain.

After the options are 100% complete, I have a couple sections that need work. Boss levels and a tutorial level.  I also need to think about what kind of trial limitations to put into play. 8 minutes is a long time for a simple game. So I think I might limit the trial to the first 3 levels and the first Boss. Or maybe 1 level, and 1 boss level. Thats tough to say. Of course I’d be thrilled to sell even 50-60 units, and it will only be 200 points..

Well, back to work and back to writing out the Help / How To Play screen.. =)

Oh yeah.. and I have to increase the HUD size or at least the font size, or redesign it.. hard to read on my 19" dedicated xbox tv.. Oh does the better half hate that tv.. same brand as our main one, same remote code.. so when my games are too loud and she tries to turn the volume up on her show, oops.. she turns the volume of the game up at the same time! lolol